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Annoucement in regards to banners

To anyone who has yet to receive banners up until Week 88, this is the post for you.

We're horrible at keeping track, and keeping up to date with banners, we ain't ashamed to hide it. With that said, We will no longer be doing banners after Week 88. From Week 89's results onwards, we will be directing you to custom_banners. I will inform the people over there about our change, and hopefully it'll all run smoothly and you'll get your banners really quick because CB people are super speedy :D. We will, however, be doing all overdue banners. It is not the duty of custom_banners to deal with banners prior to us removing banner makers, so we shall fulfill our own problems until them 8D.

To all our current banner makers, THANK YOU SO MUCH, up until now! Hopefully you guys, with your newfound free time, wouldn't mind helping out filling overdue banner requests ♥! No hard feelings, we love you all, it's just...well, you know how it goes (And obviously you know how overdue some of these banners are. I swear we have stuff from Week 40-ish that haven't been done). In case you care, tenipuricon is looking for bannermakers *coughchokehackhinthinthint*, so feel free to apply there :D

Now that I'm done with the annoucement, please feel free to fill in this form if you have a banner that has not yet been made. If you have more than one overdue, feel free to stick all of them into one comment, or seperate them out - up to you! We will reply to your comment with the completed banner when we're done :)

NOTICE: We will not make banners for people who do not request them at this post, even if they have mentioned they wanted banners on results posts in the past. So if you really want one, please request here. Sorry for all the trouble this causes!

(Hopefully none of the other mods disagree with me...?)
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