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A CLAMP Base Icontest


CLAMP Base Icon Awards Challenge
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& &   A B O U T
Welcome to clamp_visual, a base icon challenge based on clamp_icontest and _visualcrack_, and communities similar to that. What is a base icon challenge, or icontest, you ask? It's basically a contest where each week, two bases will be provided. The challenge is to make an icon using the base (no other images can be used), which will, of course, feature the works of CLAMP. The userinfo banner features the lovely Suu from Clover. Layout overrides are from resplandor.
& &   C O L L A B O R A T OR S
& &   R U L E S
To help run the contest smoothly, there are a few rules that must be followed:
1. Respect and courtesy must be maintained in this community. In other words, if you cause trouble, you'll be kicked out. This is a icon challenge for fun and the competitions shouldn't be intense. Be nice!
2. You can enter two icons per challenge - one per base.
3. Uses the bases provided only! No other images will be accepted.
4. Icons entered cannot be posted to other places until the challenge is over, and they must be freshly made for this challenge.
5. Submissions must fulfill livejournal requirements, i.e. be no more than 100x100 pixels/40 KB, and in the jpg, png, or gif format
6. If you want to use an icon from a contest, ask and credit the person who made the icon. If you don't know who made an icon, ask us.
7. Like in #1, just make sure to have fun! ^_^

New bases will be posted approximately every Thursday. Voting will take place the following Thursday at 9 pm EST. Voting will take place until Saturday at 9 pm EST. Winners will be announced asap after the tallying is done.

If the times change, I'll let you guys know in a post.

& &   S U B M I T T I N G
If you wish to partake in a weekly contest, reply to the entry and do post the icon and the URL to the image. Posts will be screened. Also, make sure your icon is within Livejournal requirements, that is, at most 100x100 or 40KB or less and a .jpg, .gif, or .png. You may submit up to two icons. You must use the bases provided only.


URL: http://pics.livejournal.com/sakuramaboroshi/pic/0000gxcr
Note: Make sure the url works
Credits: Optional, but nice.

Submit your icons in a comment post by the deadline. All comments will be screened so that only the moderators can see the submissions. You can change your submissions, but do it before the deadline.
& &   V O T I N G
All members, whether they have submitted icons or not, can vote, but you must join the community to be able to vote.

Example of Voting:

First place: 23
Second place: 06
Third place: 17

or 23, 06, 17

Be careful with the icon order, as they'll be assigned points accordingly. Additionally, there will be a Mod's Choice.

To vote, you must be a member and reply to the entry for voting during that week. All comments will be screened so no one will know who votes for whom except for me. You may NOT vote for yourself, and you can only vote for an icon once. If you do vote for yourself, your vote will be disqualified. Icons will also be posted anonymously.

If there is a small amount of icons to be voted on, there will be places categories to vote on.
& &   L I N K A G E
All these are our dearly beloved affiliates !! Please comment in this post if you'd like to be one ! XD
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New to the icon world ? Need some iconing tips ? Want to learn new tricks ? These places offer lots of help and resources for you !

If you'd like to affiliate, or want to request/submit a base (check the memories beforehand), please post a comment here. Thank you! ~_^
& &   P A S T    W E E K S
Past Winners can all be found in this post.